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About me

I use the science of positive psychology to support others achieve their most important professional and personal goals.
Thank you for being so interested in visiting my page. As you have probably presumed, my name is Andreea Nicolau. I want you to know that I aim to support you in identifying and taking concrete actions to increase your performance. In other words, I translate the science of positive psychology into applied strategies that help you achieve professional and personal well-being success.


Since high school, I have had a passion for reading and curiosity about ways to improve others’ lives. Philosophers like Plato, Descartes, Huizinga, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, and many others have fascinated me and shaped my future. I was convinced that a change at a social level needed to be done where the decisions that concerned the majority were taken. I have decided to get my Bachelor’s in political science to follow my convictions. I’ve been particularly interested in courses like Human Rights, Political Ethics, Political Philosophy, Paradigms of collective violence, Social psychology, and Social Change.  I was determined to get involved in high institutional structures to create a positive social change, so I followed a Master’s degree in International relations and conflict resolution. 

First 15 years of professional career

Perhaps we are wondering now what my first job was, considering my interests and aspirations. I’m honest when I say it was a big surprise for me then. My first job was as a Beauty adviser or responsible for promoting the products in-store.

That moment taught me to feel comfortable with uncomfortable situations, overcome my fear of failure and disappointment, and use my inner strengths and resources. The communication knowledge and skills learned in college helped me to promote the products on the shelf. And because I successfully achieved my targets, I got promoted to a sales representative after one year, and two more years later, I was a brand manager. In the following years, I had different roles and responsibilities. I was involved in other actions, from launching new brands to creating new strategies, action plans, budgets, promotional activities, and researching consumer needs and profiles.

Transition to entrepreneurship

After more than 15 years in large corporations, I decided I could be a better version of myself and create a more significant positive social impact. So, I left the corporation to start my own company. The transition was a cognitive and emotional roller coaster. It allowed me to experience enthusiasm and disillusion, overestimate or underestimate my knowledge and competencies, and overuse or underuse some of my resources and strengths. I remember a particular moment that shaped me. It was a time when I doubted myself and my competencies after one year of entrepreneurial experience without any measurable achievements. One day my parents visited me. In one of our conversations, I asked my father, “Dad, what do you think my main strength is?”. He answered, “well… I think kindness is your top strength”. I stumbled. I was expecting him to say that I am intelligent and perseverant so that I will succeed in everything I want. But kindness? Most of the time, we take our strengths for granted, and we don’t recognize them as something that sets us apart. That moment taught me that there is no substitute for human relationships and that my kindness could improve others’ lives. It was the most empowering moment that shaped who I am and what I do now. 


To bring my contribution to others, I have invested time and effort in improving my knowledge and competencies. I have learned that curiosity and perseverance help me develop myself and others. After a while, I received recognition for my ability to support others and for my contribution to the coaching research and practice from different institutions and accreditation bodies, such as the title of Doctor in Psychology, Professional Certified Coach certification issued by the International Coaching Federation, a certified MBTI Practitioner from Myers-Briggs Company London, the Certification in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and the Award in Education and Training. 

Today, I facilitate students’ learning and development through teaching and positively impact the manager’s performance through coaching. I love to spot strengths, share resources, and support others in achieving what matters most to them through actionable strategies.  

I am honored to have you as a guest on my page, and I hope my resources help you achieve your desired goals.