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About me

I use the science of positive psychology to support others achieve their most important professional and personal goals.
Thank you for the interest in visiting my page. As you have probably presumed, my name is Andreea Nicolau. My aim is to support you in identifying and taking concrete measures in order to increase your performance. In other words, I translate the science of positive psychology into applied strategies that help you obtain that success which translates into professional and personal well-being.


Ever since highschool I had a passion for a happy life and the will to bring a change for the better in other people’s lives. Philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, Descartes, Hegel, Huizinga, Nietzsche, Rousseau, Sartre, Schopenhauer, Kant, Kierkegaard, Thomas of Aquino and many others have fascinated me and marked my future path. I was convinced that if I wanted to change something, I had to do it where the decisions that concerned the majority were taken, and that is within the state’s institutions. During the Faculty of Political Science I’ve manifested a special interest for courses like Human Rights, Political Ethics, Political Philosophy, Paradigms of collective violence, Social psychology, Social change. I decided to get my Master’s degree in International relations, analysis and conflict resolution, being determined to act at the highest level in order to improve society and the world in general. Thanks to my effort and passion, I got my Master’s Degree with a 9,5 average.

Professional career

You are probably wondering now what my first job was, considering my interests and aspirations. I’m honest when I say that it was a big surprise for me at that time. My first job was called Beauty adviser or responsible with promoting the products instore.

That moment in time taught me to feel comfortable with uncomfortable situations , to overcome my fear of failure and disappointment, and to use my inner strengths and resources. The communication  knowledge and skills learned in college helped me to promote the products on the shelf. And, because I successfully achieved my targets, after one year I got promoted as sales representative, and after two more years as brand manager. In the following years I had different roles and responsibilities and I was   involved in different actions, ranging from launching new brands to creating new strategies, action plans, budgets, promotional activities and research on consumer needs and profile.

Transition to entrepreneurship

After spending more than 15 years in multinational companies, I decided that I want to offer more than I did. The transition gave me the opportunity to experience both enthusiasm and disillusion, clarity and a lack of long term vision. I believe that this was the most empowering moment for me as a leader. One day, in a time when I was flirting with depression, my parents visited me. I remember that I was doubting myself and my competences and my parents were really concerned about me. During the conversation with them I asked my father “Dad, what do you think is my top strength?”. He answered me ” well… I think kindness is your top strength”. I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting this answer. I was expecting him to say that I am smart and perseverant so that I succeed in everything I want. But, kindness? Most of the times we take our strengths for granted, and we don’t recognize them as something that sets us apart. That moment in time helped me realize one of my strengths, kindness, and this awareness had a great impact on my further development.  I decided  to share my kindness and improve other’s lives by supporting them in unlocking their potential to become the best version of themselves.

Personal development

To be able to bring my contribution to others, I have invested time and effort in learning, in gaining recognition of my abilities and knowledge from institutions and accreditation bodies. Thus, after one year of coaching school and more than 500 hours of coaching, I received my Professional Certified Coach certification issued by the International Coaching Federation. After thorough training and certification exams in London I was certified as an MBTI Practitioner. After one year of intense study and exams, I received the Certification in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. And, after half a year of training I received the Award in Education and Training. Now I am  proud to be a  member within the International Positive Psychology Association, Fellow Member, IOC, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School affiliate and to play an active role as a lecturer, coach, trainer and researcher.

I am honored to have you as guest on my page and I hope you will find
my support and resources useful in achieving your desired goals.