Folosesc știința psihologiei pozitive pentru a-i sprijini pe ceilalți să atingă obiectivele lor cele mai importante în plan profesional.


Știința psihologiei pozitive în practică

Positive Psychology Coaching

Sesiuni Individuale

Positive psychology coaching este un tip de coaching în care știința psihologiei pozitive este tradusă în tehnici, întrebări, observații și intervenții pentru a te ajuta să clarifici ce este important pentru tine, să identifici resurse și bariere, să stabilești strategii și acțiuni pentru a atinge obiectivele pe care ți le-ai propus.

Positive Psychology at Work

Cursuri și Programe

O combinație unică de module precum Authentic Leadership, Job Crafting, High Quality Connections sau cursuri precum The Resilience Toolbox și Introduction in Positive Psychology, confirmate de ultimele cercetări în domeniul psihologiei pozitive pentru a te susține în atingerea performanțelor de top și a-ți menține wellbeing-ul.

Despre Andreea Nicolau


Sunt pasionată de studierea și traducerea științei psihologiei pozitive în practici care să te ajute să atingi succesul profesional și satisfacția în viață.

Sunt certificată în Applied Positive Psychology de către Universitatea din Pennsylvania, și ca și Practician Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, unul dintre cele mai populare instrumente de aflare a tipurilor de personalitate. Sunt coach acreditat Professional Certified Coach (PCC) de către Federația Internațională de Coaching (ICF), având peste 500 de ore de coaching.

Sunt acreditată ca și Trainer deținând certificarea Award in Education and Training. Dețin o licență în Științe Politice și am un Master în Managementul Conflictelor. Sunt membru al International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) și membru afiliat IOC, la McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate.

Ocup poziția de voluntar în cadrul Federației Internaționale de Coaching ca și Associate Communication Director.


  • Andreea is a very competent and able coach. She has a very affirming and calm manner and is very skilled at empowering her clients to identify their goals and how to achieve them. Andreea is particularly adept at asking powerful questions that produce helpful insights and awareness. She is skilled at supporting her clients to examine their options and make informed choices. Her professional and structured approach makes her an invaluable guide to anyone seeking better outcomes/change.

    Mary Lou O' Kennedy
    OAK Conflict Dynamics Ltd

  • Andreea is very good in communication and inter-human relations.
     She did managed the Fujitsu batteries projects with a lot of professionalism and managerial skills. I recommend Andreea as a very trained and skilled Managing Business Partner.”

    Hiroyuki Okamoto
    Executive Officer General Manager of Marketing Division and General Manager of Second Sales Division
    FDK Corporation

  • Andreea is one of the most energetic and straight forward professional. From her ability to motivate and inspire to her expert coach knowledge, Andreea will help you paint a clear picture of what you are, where you want to be and she will be there for you every step of your way. I highly recommend Andreea to anyone seeking a strong, reliable and knowledge coach. No wonder she is successful and growing further. Good wishes!!!!

    Ana-Maria Ringlever-Dospinescu
    Sr. Electrical Engineer

  • I first met Andreea as a client in her Senior Brand Manager role and although we seemed to have different personalities, we easily got to a great business relationship. Handling a very complex business is a hard to handle pressure for both the client and the agency. It was then that I discovered Andreea’s ability to invest time into understanding her partner’s needs, into assertively communicating her business’ needs for both parties to benefit. Several years further, we reconnected, the client being myself, while Andreea was my trainer. I enjoyed going through the full MBTI report with Andreea. She is warmly but proficiently focusing on helping you discover your strongest points and adjust your attitude depending on the type of personalities you interact with. Andreea’s expertise is highly useful for managers working with cross-functional or under pressure teams as she is a great mix of team management experience, corporate environment as well as entrepreneurial experience seasoned with the proficiency of the world-known MBTI model.

    Mihaela Bourceanu
    Client Service Director
    MERCURY 360

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